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Watch Movies is your one stop free online movies solution. On the site we present to you, the opportunity to watch great movies from a multiple of genres, from classic films of decades gone by, to the very latest blockbuster movies from today. All movies are offered in stunning high quality and ready to be streamed without delay. The sound is crisp, and there are no interruptions to speak of.

More and more people in the UK and around the world are now experiencing the benefits of super high speed broadband. As a result, watching movies online is already a favourite pastime of many. With even faster fiber optic coverage rolling out soon, the capacity of watch movies online becomes more widespread and appealing for people of all ages. We are here to meet the demand that results from this transition. With online movie streaming companies like Netflix planning to target the United Kingdom market in 2010, and DVD / Blu-Ray home rental services starting to stream online too, the desire to watch movies on the internet is recognised by both the consumer and the industry.

Whether you love comedy films, adventure movies, thrillers, sci-fi or horror movies there is something here at just for you. Over the weeks and months we will be adding copyright free online movies to the site, and offering up an impressive mix of engrossing and entertaining movies. So what are you waiting for, grab your popcorn and settle down to watching the movie of your choice. Check out the film genres on the top right, or individual movie selections further down the page.

Check back regularly for new additions to the site.

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-  Kick Ass 2
-  Grown Ups 2
-  Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
-  Despicable Me 2
-  One Direction: This Is Us
-  The Way, Way Back

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