Until recent years the idea of a documentary being a success on the big screen wasn't a prospect that people took seriously. That was until the release of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, which documented the directors view of the Bush administrations conduct over that period of time. The documentary took Moore's career to the next level, and since then he has released more politically charged titles including Sicko (2007), and Capitalism: A Love Story (2009). His success has resulted in studios not being quite so hesitant in marketing documentaries to the general public, especially when they are deemed to be matters of national importance. March of the Penguins, and An Inconvenient Truth, were both box office success stories that pushed an envoronmental point.

Major cultural events can also make for interesting documentaries. There has been many a documentary around the theme of the moon landings, including the awe inspiring Space Station 3D; an IMAX documentary narrated by Tom Cruise. It is the first IMAX 3D production filmed in space and made over $80 million in cinemas worldwide. The sequel, of sorts, is Hubble 3D. Another cultural event/occurrence, was the death of Michael Jackson, and footage of preparations for his final tour are documented on 'This is It'.

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hubble 3d

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