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A genre of film that most movie goers likely wouldn't frequently list as their favourite is 'Sport Movies'. There have however, been a surprising number of accomplished sports features produced over recent years. In the movie world directors don't come much bigger than Clint Eastwood. He saw promise in the boxing themed Million Dollar Baby script, and took it to Oscar glory (other boxing classics: Raging Bull, Rocky and Cinderella Man). Excited by the sports genre, he moved away from boxing and later directed Invictus, a film that deals with the apartheid era in South Africa, from the perspective of the national rugby team.

A sport you'd think unlikely to lend itself to heart string tugging and Oscar nominations is wrestling (as in WWE style wrestling). The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke is a real 10/10 movie and excels in every department, from acting to atmosphere. The director Darren Aronofsky, has brought us a stunning collection of original films over recent years and is certainly one to watch. Combat sports, when built around a compelling story, really do appear to result in movies with real longevity.

There are several British sports films that have performed well at the UK box office. Unsurprisingly football films often find an audience here, being that it's the national sport. The Damned United, Looking for Eric, Goal!, Mean Machine, Bend it Like Beckham, Green Street, The Football Factory... the list goes on and on. The most successful United Kingdom sports title worldwide is Chariots of Fire, an athletics themed feature set around the 1924 Olypmics.

Other sport movies worthy of watching include the recent american football hit The Blind Side and martial arts movie The Karate Kid, and its sequels. A new Karate kid movie is due out this year.

Sport films
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