War Movies

From ultra realistic and harrowing Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now, to movies set in time of conflict like Casablanca and Pan's Labyrinth, war movies are routinely powerful and moving. Perhaps the pinnacle of moving war films is the ever popular, and multiple Oscar award winning Schindler's List; the story of one man's quest to save Jews from an otherwise certain death during Word War II. The movie touched many people, and informed a whole new generation of the atrocities, and in some cases the bravery, of that time.

Of course, not all war movies are there as lessons to us, or to display stark realities. Some such as the laugh riot, Tropic Thunder simply exist to amuse - and in the case of Tropic Thunder audiences gave it a big thumbs up. Another twist of the genre is seen in the Predator movies, which contain elements of warfare, with sci-fi to create something truly memorable. The remake is coming this year too - but with no Arnie! Check Watch movies for further war movie offerings.

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